I am thinking about migrating to Australia

What is Migration Protect?

Migration Protect (MP) is a tailored insurance policy covering eligible candidates who migrate to Australia. It covers:

  • Leisure travel – whilst in transit and up to three months in Australia
  • Capital benefits – compensation for injury, death or disablement, and
  • Repatriation cover – return travel on either temporary or permanent basis

Who is eligible to apply for Migration Protect?

Travellers on or applying for the following visa classes: Working Holiday, 457, and sponsored or nominated visa classes.

How far in advance can I apply for Migration Protect?

Up to 12 months but you MUST apply and pay for the cover prior to departure.

When does the policy commence?

*Certain covers such as Travel commence on the date of departure whilst others such as Repatriation commence on date of arrival in your Host Country.

How do I apply?

You can apply either by contacting your Migration Agent or online at www.migrationprotect.co

What happens if my employer has advised that I am being made redundant?

We will work with you to ensure that you receive the appropriate advice for your circumstances

How do I make a claim?

If the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, call our claims department on +61 3 92462666

Can I renew my policy or is this only for my first year in Australia?

*In some cases, yes depending upon your individual circumstances

Is there an excess payable in the event of a claim?

*Certain benefits may have a dollar excess or a number of days before you can claim

Is there a cooling off period and what are my cancellation rights?

You can cancel the cover with fourteen (14) days of application but not after the date of travel

What is the maximum number of children covered in a family cover?

There is no maximum as long as they are your dependant children

What if I am already in Australia

Am I eligible to apply?

Yes you may qualify depending upon your individual circumstances.

Contact us to discuss

What are the benefits to me given that I’m already here?

You will be eligible for all benefits except for the Travel section.

I am interested in becoming a Referral Partner

What is a Referral Partner?

A person or entity that introduces intending migrants to the Migration Protect product whilst not providing any financial or insurance advice. You MUST be a registered Migration Agent and provide us with your MARA registration number.

What are the benefits in becoming a Referral Partner?

You are able to increase your conversion rate of clients

Your Clients have a unique insurance cover specifically developed for migrants and you may wish to access an additional revenue stream for your business

How do I become a Referral Partner?

Apply online or contact us

Am I paid for introducing clients?

You have the option and any payment made is subject to your local legislation

How is the referral tracked so that I gain the commission?

You will be issued a unique identifier code that enables you to review your account status 24/7

* Please refer to the Policy Disclosure Statement for complete information.